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Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center


 Dedicated Research Resource for the Poeciliid fish genus Xiphophorus

The Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center currently houses 24 of 26 species of the freshwater genus Xiphophorus. In their natural environment, these fishes live in drainages in eastern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras, with most of the described species living in Mexico. The taxa make up three groups: the Northern Swordtails, the Southern Swordtails, and the Platyfish.

The purpose of this site is to provide information to both the research community and the general public about the Xiphophorus Genetic Stock Center. As a national resource for research animals, we welcome opportunities to share fish with the research community for further research, development, and application.

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Northern Swordtail

Northern Swordtails

X. cortezi

XGSC Funding from NIH

Funding to maintain and enhance the XGSC is primarily from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Research Infrastructure Programs, Division of Comparative Medicine (R24-011120).

Questions and Comments

Questions and/or feedback regarding this webpage should go here; all other inquiries regarding Xiphophorus should be directed to the Stock Center.